Who Is Not Your Size

Hey Y'all, 

My name is La'Toya and I am the owner of Not Your Size. 

Not Your Size is based on the plus-size shopping experience and is a for us by us brand.

It's the experience regarding shopping for something you like to later find out it doesn't come in your size or if it does come in your size it doesn't fit properly. The concept of dressing in themes is not new, but it's something we subconsciously do every day.

We wake up and decide to wear the persona that's at the forefront of our minds. That persona could feel like wearing grunge or sweatpants, whatever is decided reflects how we want to be seen that day.

Our mission is to provide plus-size bodies with a safe space to connect with the multiple ways they want to be seen.  



At Not Your Size we believe in a society where you have the complete freedom to be you through fashion and cultural expression.



Our origin story consist of creating sustainable clothes that can be worn in the dance studio, hanging with friends or dressed up for a night out. Seeing first hand the struggles my daughter faced still inspires the brand today to make options available. 



We believe in the perfect fit that makes you feel your absolute best while wearing our garments. In reality, you are the perfect size to wear whatever your heart desires. There are no limits in creativity and style execution.



We exist to create a safe space to connect with the multiple ways you want to be seen.

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