Revel Streetwear's Story

The inspiration behind Revel Streetwear was based on the basic need to find quality clothes that fit a plus-size dancer. As the mother of a plus sized dancer, it was extremely hard to find streetwear that fit my daughter. At the time, she was a talented dancer that was limited by the clothing choices offered to girls her size. It became increasingly frustrating to shop for clothes she could wear to the studio, hanging with friends, or dressed up for a night out. That's how Revel Streetwear was born.  

Revel Streetwear helped La'Toya rediscover her love for streetwear. As she began purchasing wholesale apparel for the brand she found that the clothes weren't sized properly or had a boxy shape. This is where La'Toya found her niche, which is to create plus sized streetwear where the possibilities are endless.

Being plus-sized herself, she understands some of the struggles when it comes to buying streetwear that doesn't fit and not created with the plus-sized body in mind. These experiences drive our purpose to create endless possibilities that can be styled by plus-sized streetwear enthusiast. 

The mission for Revel Streetwear is to create quality, comfortable and sustainable streetwear where the possibilities are always endless. 

Revel Streetwear is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

If you're interested in speaking with La'Toya about Revel Streetwear, please send an inquiry to