Huge Announcement: FABRIC Pro Member

We're excited to announce that Revel Streetwear is an official pro member of FABRIC!!! 

FABRIC is a fashion incubator, business accelerator, design studio, academy, and manufacturer that is sustainably disrupting, redefining and reshoring the fashion industry for the modern apparel entrepreneur.

This is exciting news for us as it allows us to manufacture items locally and bring our designs we've been working on to life. Working with FABRIC will allow small brands like ours the ability to manufacture products with no minimums. This is a huge accomplishment for us and our brand. It's going to be a journey, but like everything else we will make sure you're included in the journey.  

No better place to start our manufacturing journey than in our own backyard. 

If you're not familiar with FABRIC I've shared some links below.  

Thank You, 



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